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What is Quasar? Quasar is an L1 blockchain focused on decentralized asset management using smart contract vaults. It utilizes Tendermint for PoS consensus, Cosmos SDK for infrastructure, and CosmWasm for smart contracts. What makes Quasar unique? Quasar stands out by utilizing IBC's interchain accounts and queries for vaults, enabling users to access diversified positions in the IBC ecosystem with automation. It saves time and effort while offering customized strategies. What's next for Quasar? Next, Quasar is launching an ETF-like vault representing the IBC ecosystem. External strategists can create custom vaults, such as utilizing Osmosis AMM for increased capital efficiency and yield opportunities. What can QSR be used for? The QSR token serves for PoS consensus, transaction fees, and on-chain governance. Validators and delegators can stake QSR for rewards and voting. Future plans involve staking QSR for vault creation. Overall, Quasar aims to be a platform where strategists, developers, and liquidity providers collaborate to build unique interchain asset management vehicles.
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