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Myria is an Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution, purpose built to scale NFTs, blockchain gaming and more. Myria's scaling solution, built in partnership with StarkWare, offers instant trade confirmation, zero gas fee when minting and trading NFTs without compromising the security of users' assets. Myria's L2, developed using StarkWare's STARK prover, utilizes Zero-Knowledge Rollup (ZK-Rollup) technology to bundle large numbers of transfers into a single transaction to facilitate up to 9,000 transactions per section (TPS). Improving Blockchain Usability - Simplified onboarding experience that allows consumers and builders to begin with a few clicks - Powered by MetaMask's browser-based Ethereum wallet - Ethereum layer 2 transaction experience that enables players, consumers and builders to interact at scale, including core functions like Deposit, Withdraw, Mint and Transfer - Ability to connect consumers and builders via an easy-to-use Marketplace experience - Allowing both consumers to find the projects they care about and for builders to showcase their projects Myria Ecosystem - Development of in-house game titles to rival current triple-A games and bring blockchain gaming to the mass market - A growing Node community to support Myria's path to decentralizing its services - A plethora of scaleable tools and functionality to deliver regular growth campaigns to onboard users to Myria's layer 2 ecosystem Developer Ecosystem - An easy-to-use SDK bundle of core blockchain functions to entice blockchain and non-blockchain builders to leverage the power of Myria's layer 2 - SDK modules that bridge the gap between game development challenges and blockchain challenges, including wallet registration & login for storing assets players acquire Providing developers with self-serve tooling and reporting for managing their interactions with the blockchain and other Myria services, such as reporting on the engagement rates of asset-owners vs. non-asset-owners
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