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This Whitepaper is aimed to provide information about Kripto Koin (KK) Token created by on the Bitcichain (BRC20) network. Kripto Koin Token is a smart contract built on the Bitcichain network. With Token, participation in special surveys and events, NFT Purchases, special payments, etc. for visitors of provides the opportunity to participate in experiences. Kripto Koin Token is used in the following functions. Surveys and Events Kripto Koin Token holders can participate in Paid and Free Surveys or Events. NFT The right to participate in the pre-sale for NFT Collections to be created for Ability to buy or sell on the NFT platform to be created on Kriptokoin. E-Commerce KK Token can be included in the potential future e-commerce ecosystem of, It can be used as payment for shopping payments, products, tickets, memberships and more by making use of various possibilities. Games and Quests KK token holders have the right to participate in games and tasks to be created on Donation With the donation system to be created in the future, KK Token holders will be able to donate directly to their favorite authors and receive loyalty badges or NFTs in return.
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