Jesus Coin

5.20 %
Change 24h
Market Cap
$ 16,254,868
Volume 24h
$ 400,519
Circulating Supply
Total Supply
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**What is Jesus Coin?** Jesus Coin was launched to transform the memecoin market with a unique narrative as the only cryptocurrency that encourages generosity. Jesus Coin is building a native transaction network on top of Ethereum to power decentralized, charitable, applications and organizations. **What makes your project unique?** Jesus Coin is an ERC-20 that revolutionizes generosity through open-source smart contracts and opens the door for decentralized governance within charitable organizations. **History of your project.** Jesus Coin was conceived by [Maker Lee](, after seeing a need for innovation within the non-profit world. On April 25, 2023, $JESUS conducted a fundraising sale and was the number one trending coin on []( (a presale platform.) Within 24 hours, Jesus Coin attracted over 600 holders who contributed to over $2m in trading volume on [UniSwap.]( **What’s next for your project?** Jesus Coin is building a decentralized app to facilitate charitable giving throughout non-profit organizations and is actively looking for new partnerships in the web2 and web3 ecosystems. **What can your token be used for?** Jesus Coin (JESUS) can be used as a currency and as governance within the Jesus Coin network. Because the supply of JESUS is set at 777 trillion, JESUS can also be used as a store of value.
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